Teak Decking, Sanding and Repairs 
Located at Lauderdale Marine Center 

Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach
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Sanding teak decks
Teak decks suffer from sun, salt, washing and weather, all of which slowly wears away the pulp wood in your teak deck, leaving the growth ring standing which wears away slower. This allows the teak deck to remain wet longer, as this continues the caulk lines become proud of the teak deck, this creates dams that hold water, which allows your teak deck to remain wet even longer still, causing your teak deck to wear away faster.

"don't let amateurs destroy your decks"...


At DECKSTERS  we have and continue to invest in specialized tools for the express purpose of sanding teak decking.  All of our sanders collect their own dust, this means other work being preformed can continue with out interference while we sand. Our sanders also have built in guards to protect your hull, house, and stainless steel from scratches. we have over the years developed sanding practices and techniques to make our operation as un-invasive as possible and to leave you the best finnished product possible.


In all of our years of sanding teak decks, we have yet to find one that did not need some seams repaired. If your caulk is proud of the deck we cut it flush prior to sanding, doing this lessens the stress our sanders can put on the seam. If left proud sandpaper tends to grab and pull at the caulk causing the seam to fail.  Our quotes include a good faith estimate on how much caulk we feel will be needed to seal your deck. I find based on our experience the amount quoted is usually sufficient.

Power Requirements
Our equipment uses a lot of power. We will require a 50A dock power supply( we can make do with a 30A but it is close and limits the equipment we can run) we do not use your ships power, there is no up side to stressing your systems prior to your departure.
At DECKSTERS,   we sand approximately 85-90% of the grey out of the deck, leaving the last 10-15%.  These are the deep veins in the deck and will clean up when the deck is washed.  (It is far more economical not to sand the deck to its lowest point.)
"don't let amateurs destroy your decks".....
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